Clear Skies Over Black River

by Liam the Younger

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Liam Betson: Voice, guitar, etc.
All songs written by Liam Betson
Recorded throughout 2007 and 2008
Mastered by Carl Saff
Released by Underwater Peoples/A Learning Computer in 2012


released February 15, 2008


tags: folk


all rights reserved


Liam the Younger

Liam Betson is a North American songwriter.

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Track Name: Leaving Black River
Train, train coming down the line
Here’s to the so long, here’s to the goodbye
I love you, family, I love you, friends
We’ll talk in a few days. It’s not the end
But this is something
Sometimes it goes on
Every myth of country:
shot dead, long gone
But I’ve had my moments
I know I saw them
Outside the graveyard
a quiet moment
Train, train now you’ve arrived
Your steam rises, blending with the blue sky
Make days joyful, make days long
Hear the whistle. Hear the hope song
Track Name: Country Wide
I once was a coal miner. I worked hard all day
Out here no one admired my dark ash-covered face
So to my home I’d retire with pockets full of pay
Dinner by the fire as the houses go to sleep
Because days are long when you’re out all night
sitting on the grass as you cry
Tears of joy or tears of sorrow the only question’s why?
Why am I out here all night?
I often knew the answer somewhere in the sky
Or maybe it was elsewhere those distant train yard lights
I left that place come winter one cold and foggy night
Hopped a train out westward over the country wide
So now when I’m out at night
I have a buddy at my side
Whether the little dog or the Xmas lights
I know tomorrow is mine
Track Name: By the Pines
Where am I going in the dead of night?
Where am I going, early morning ride?
Where am I going past the old dead track?
One day I’ll leave here never to come back
I am so happy. I want to give thanks
to this badass darkness or to the muddy banks
of that manmade waterfall hidden in the trees
where we all stood before that dirty, trash-filled stream
to waste away those longer days in a sea of nothing
But only to the calloused eye was it a bad thing
Those endless songs, those summer drives, the hidden joy it brings
So thank you, world, for petty life and thank you for this caste
Thank you for the good, the bad, the future, and the past
One day I’ll leave here never to come back
One day I’ll come home happy to be back.
Track Name: Walking
Well, I was heading down a busy street with my dear uncle guiding me
as we passed by those stores near the bay
And many things were clear to me as we passed by that shining sea
to pick up some dinner to celebrate.
My visit to that far-off land where I first named my one-man-band
SUPPLIES read the side of the truck that sunny day.
And time does pass and things do change but later when I rode that train
I opened wide and made some extra space
for my life to cultivate more traveling and feeling great
The subtleties of life still hibernate deep within my skinny bones,
presented as its always shown. This is what you get and this is what you take
Whether it’s once or one thousand times, the day you’re born or the day you die,
just look up towards that massive sky and then look back down again
carry on, forgive, forget smile on your brother, say:
“My guts are mine. I love, or at least, I like you guys.”

I was a bird in a small town
I was a bird just hanging around
My buddies were bears. I was a bear.
I was sleeping. I didn’t care.
Yeah, I was a bird in my small town.
I was a bird just lazing around.
My buddies were bears.
Yeah, I was a bear too.
I was sleeping. I didn’t care.
I didn’t care.
Track Name: Cooking
How can I live my life if I can’t cook my own food?
Well I say it’s okay. I have a will. I have a way
But I understand there is no helping hand
no matter how much I love the land
And one day I’m sure I’ll find awful, dark, ashen times
days spent hiding inside
I’ll smile like I do now but in an empty, frozen house
until I hear what it is I said
I say open those closed eyes
and bless those cursed skies
Change those Shes and Hes to Is
I love you guys
Change it to I
Track Name: Okay
Today I am ready
Today I look fine
I hold myself steady
I have what is mine
The sun, it is setting
I took too much time
But you are forgiving
You all are so kind
I hope that you’ll let me come for this drive
We seem to be happy, all right with our lives
Good things are pretty and bad things can die
A small house, an old dog, a look at that sky
A dirt road, a blue wall, a harbor at night
A nice coat, and new shoes, and stepping outside
A good day, a short walk, I stopped to say hi
For now I am leaving, so long, goodbye
Yeah, I am leaving, so long, goodbye
Track Name: Beneath the Weeping Willow Tree
Oh won’t you bury me beneath this weeping willow tree?
Oh won’t you let me rest today?
Thereafter, I’ll arise feeling good and new again
Get back on that train and ride
Oh won’t you bury me beneath this weeping willow tree?
Oh, in a little home I lay
All I needed was a little sleep
The world is looking good today
Track Name: My Wall
This is my wall today
We all have debt to pay
Some things cannot be free
Some things are hard to be
This is a big, black hole--
this living under such shit
This devil, this dark hearted goat--
when anger is idealistic
Yeah, I’m thinking of snowy tracks,
of bitter wind blowing on my back,
of walking home alone,
of forgetting what I lack,
So I just sit by the fire
Everyone is home this week
It is easy. It is free
A simple meal for us to eat
Track Name: Clouds, Unfold
When it’s time to go
I’ll leave real slow
No one should be alone
unless they want to be alone
When I’m walking home
I want to be alone
I love it when it falls apart
I imagine myself puking beneath the stars
Because there’s something funny about despair
when you understand that deep down you don’t care
I’m so happy and I’m so glad
that I still hold what I always have
Track Name: Little Dog
Oh, I am walking with the little dog at my side
And we are walking through the empty streets at night
And we are heading towards the harbor light
The little dog and I, together we both ride
Oh, the little dog
Oh, friend of mine
Oh, the little dog
walking in the night
Now I am rowing on this wooden boat
The dog is sleeping beneath blanket and coat
Across the water I see the houses and roads
A chimney’s burning, a warming by the stove
Oh, the little dog
opening his eyes
Me and the dog
heading home tonight
Track Name: Clear Skies
Today was a good day
Nothing happened today
I had nothing to say
But I had a good day
Now I’m walking home
at the end of it
Look at that sky
Look at that moon
Tomorrow will be good too