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The Primordial Will

from The Cover of Hunter by Liam Betson



The little things I did
to show I wasn't taking this too seriously
will probably get lost over time.
But that's fine, right? Yeah that's fine, right.
Some parts are mine and, like...
other things you just can't help sometimes.
So I try to keep it out of my mind
and talking with you is a good sign.

These motions can't always do what I want them to.
Today, I realize, I am in a bad mood,
that I scowl and brood like it's clever or cute.
But I will see it through, I will curse and rue,
I will joke about it too just to confound and confuse—
there's nothing wrong with you.

And I am smart enough to admit that.
I will not stop understanding that.
I will bow before that.
I will get drunk knowing that.
I will not feel bad.
I will offer my hand.
I haven't been and will continue
to refrain from sobbing in my bed.

I want crooked teeth and I want a runny nose
and I want a cut on my knee
to get little specks of blood on my clothes.
This too will be a testament
as I sit cross-legged in my room.
And I'll talk you through the rest of it
if that's what you want to do.

Intersecting wills in a dark and crowded room
where voices whisper who’s sleeping with whom,
hiding hands beneath tables like charms in a tomb
for an itch to exhume and then posture improves
as the ego in you begins to blossom and bloom—
the image is renewed!
And with eyes splintering a line of pale light
you think of what might be the loneliest way home.
It's hard, I know, but humility shows
that you're willing to go quiet-and-unannoying-ly.
I say this knowingly: whatever it turns out to be,
I can plainly see right the heck in front of me,
like two hands extending, the door is opening.


from The Cover of Hunter, released July 22, 2014


all rights reserved



Liam the Younger

Liam Betson is a North American songwriter.

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