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After the Graveyard

by Liam the Younger

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Current Joys 02:26
I'm glad I know I have it good so when I’m old and sad I can say I understood it was easy being free
San Francisco where'd you go? Okay, I know, I know I left you to go back home
 on the east coast
 Nine days is long time Time enough for you
 to have the earth shake but nothing break
 and love nothing to do But I still love my home state
 all red, white and blue
 But that place showed me too
 there is more to you
 In nineteen hundred and in twenty o' six
 never broked and never fixed
 I was looking at that hilltop mist thinking some things never die
 Oh American life, this land is mine
Ode to Then 02:03
The night sky, the city light, passing by the Scenic Drive The strip malls, the city halls, museums and the phone calls
 Thinking old dusty road, riding trains, no Tom Joad
 Idealized view of life, maybe I have it right
 It feels good to be back home, seeing friends, knowing roads
 Thanksgiving and Christmastime, bitter air and riding bikes
 Fleeting sounds, love all around, I have found the moon rise
 Whatever the tombstone reads, what could that year mean to me?
 Living by the dampened trees, what could that life mean to me?
 Dreaming of the dark coal mines, I must know that it's no life
 One day I'm sure that I will see through nostalgic eyes
 And one day the internet will be our version of the wild west
 And we will be remembered as we now remember them
 Some will be folk heroes and others will be villains
 as we sing the songs all the songs about them
Oh happy day, oh darkest night I am standing still at your side Oh mountain range, oh bird of flight I am silent no questions why Because I've gone outside and I've seen what the world doesn't hide Oh highway drive, oh neon lights you exist under the same sky Oh hidden path, oh joyous cry I am walking--I have time Now I see what happens when I open my heart to everything This land was made for you and me And the taste of freedom is so damn sweet
I'm walking through the lonesome graveyard talking with Old Man Death about the year And he says “I realize a lot of people have life hard and a guy like me doesn't bring them any cheer But once they've been buried and their ghosts are glad to see me we sit by the fire and breathe the Xmas air And we think of the buildings, and roads and cities And we see a hint of joy in the despair” So we go to where we live and visit all that we love and everyone is so happy to see the ghosts of you and me We gather around the Xmas tree and talk about good shows on TV.
I didn't sleep last night It's five I'm outside Oh, poetry sometimes I don't read you because living in the motion of the world is all right, riding through on the edge of a knife And I can remember the places that I've been to I can see the greatness hidden deep within you And I can recall, oh, way back when wishing I could go to where I still haven't been And I still do the things I did when I was really young like dreaming of the west under a golden summer sun And now when I walk alone I begin to sing songs of joy, songs of life, songs of living, and songs of my home and songs of my friends and songs of beginnings and songs of the end and all the empty spaces get filled right in with the songs of people that never die.
Every year as I turn I can see the same light shining for each memory And now as that light shines on me I can see my past so joyfully The bright sun faded into the sky leaving darkness and new ways of life But I loved it each and every day and I saw inside we don't ever change Three times I’ve seen houses on the hill The mist was still there and it always will Everywhere I've been to--like my town Everywhere I've been to--remembrance all around
It is Good 02:04
I went back I went back
to where I was
 Nothing changed Nothing changed, everything stood
 I looked back I looked back as the year passed
 It is good It is good
to really remember
 And it's been almost a year since I was confronted
with weird situations I drove with my father The seven lakes were all brought together
 and all of the people were thinking of letters
 written home when times were better
 But I think they're lying about all that
 When you are just five you'd cry for a new hat
 And now that I am no longer thinking of the devil himself, his stare so unblinking,
 I see everything and everything sees me
 But only the living are really alive
 and I'm glad that these things are part of my life
 and we can give thanks to TV and time
 and live good lives even after we die
There's a path carved in the woods
 And a new beauty stands where the old one stood
 I am young and I have my ways
 Oh, good world thanksgiving for change
 Each moment arrives and two side emerge
 I'll choose my best and forsake the worst
 Imagine the world one hundred years gone
 Accept the pain heard in their songs
 Dead and gone from the mines
 Hearing love from mountain cries
 Each memory won't survive
 but there will be remembrance of life I found the bad and I found the good
 Like I would I stood where I stood
 I drifted to my joys at hand
 "Fuck all the naysayers," I take that back
 I love you all in small amounts
 Sunoco, the forest, who says what counts? Who cares if cowboys don't roam the land?
 Value the thought of a bird in the hand
You can live your life in solitude,
 turn your back on those you knew
 But the tarp you sleep on, well, it was made by man
 And right before you leave your town
 take one last good look around
 because that's the last time you'll see what you knew
 And everyone you loved before
 will all come knocking at your door
 but they'll be greeted with nothing but "Fuck you"
 But I can see the joy in it
 living in the forest,
cleansing myself in the morning sun
 So go ahead, be my guest 
but i have just one request: 
 bring a pen to write a letter home
I've been spending all my time passing through places I recall going to in my life Poughkeepsie to Seven Lakes everywhere a favorite place Go outside and see your street in the light Oh, and the world is all right and deep inside the darkest of nights Through all the hatred and crime I hear it say, "It's all right" The dark times will pass Good times will pass But you and I won't pass until we're done Although I'm afraid to die I won’t fear life The same that brought about gifts of time Oh and the world is all right Deep inside the darkest of nights everything that passes me by I hear it say... I hear it scream, "It's all right"
Two Sides 01:15
Oh night, oh night, I find some rest from the day, in which, I traveled down a long road Inside, inside I can hide from the rain Don't lie and say nature's always great Because the world it has tidal waves and it has hurricanes But also I hear myself say
 It's all right I don't give a damn the fire's never burned my hand My heart's never been broken by the world And though I hear about terrible things I'm selfish, they don't bother me What I really mean is that I feel good And despite the fact there's death and decay I think it's safe to say we're okay, we're okay
I see a light shine through the trees A new path or road's been carved for me I don't have time for you to be such a drag, such a bad, boring routine So I'll find the secret joys inside every corner, ever mountain, every streetlight And though I know sometimes I'll say "Fuck the forest. Forget this tired day" deep inside my heart of hearts I'll hear the voices of all great past years And so I'll move ahead so brave Thanksgiving to an easy place.
With two feet on the ground, everything around, scarce to find a sound There's no single place to go, location where it's shown, 
 where revelry unknown is some holy secret told
 I've seen the world inside or at least I’ve tried
 But channels to my mind tell me it's all right 
 to watch TV all night,
 to find the joy inside the frightened layman's life
 to be easy, to be free, or what's determining if I believe what I sing for a moment it will bring something real
Sleep Pt. 3 05:03


Liam Betson: vocals, guitar, banjo, and chord organ.
Recorded at home throughout 2006 and 2007
Mastered by Carl Saff
All songs written by Liam Betson
Released by Underwater Peoples/A Learning Computer in 2012


released January 28, 2007


all rights reserved



Liam the Younger

Liam Betson is a North American songwriter.

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