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X did something strange last night.
Split himself in two and listened through
Cease to Exist and Eyes of a Dreamer.
Focusing on a circle floating around his head,
eyes fluttering, looked out his window
at the once-blue-then-orange-now-purple sky.
Some cars passed by,
some kids passed by,
some animals passed by,
some trash passed by,
something something something always passes by.

X turned around and glared down at
words underlined, left open on the table:
"he celebrated with a fire and the burial
of eight wine bottles in the shape of a swastika
beneath the arch of the Pagan Gate."
Felt the heat at his neck
like what’s between hope and dread,
hope and dread, hope and dread...
until slowly slowly slowly
came back together again.
No longer feeling the effects,
X dedicated himself to his drawings.
Penciling dog fights and martyred saints,
drifting between possibilities
in a self-created world of images
to see if there’s power in posture, in position,
in particular arrangements or whatever,
in these arrows stuck in Sebastian’s side
like a coat for the cold
or pills for loneliness, loneliness...
and loneliness crept in
so X split himself in two again.
The lines dissolved, disappeared.
Worries, worries disappeared.
Making sense of sex and death
by rendering them useless
or just not romanticizing
either of them for the time being.

Just closed his eyes and pictured:
all traffic in the same direction,
all words without vowels,
all pain measured equally,
all expectations curbed.
Seeing the entire world as a big mushy blur.


from The Cover of Hunter, released July 22, 2014


all rights reserved



Liam the Younger

Liam Betson is a North American songwriter.

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